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CentralNic Registry

CentralNic Group PLC’s Registry division is a leading distributor of domain names, on an exclusive basis, through retailers globally. It is the only distributor with eight of the top twenty new TLDs on its platform. The three most important contributing factors behind this achievement are the division’s leading technology platforms, its extensive range of support services and its integrated network of global retailers.

CentralNic Registry has been a leading provider of registry services for country code registries for over ten years, including a wide range of technical solutions including on-premises, cloud based and hybrid solutions for registry and DNS, as well as business planning, policy drafting, sales and marketing and financing services.

CentralNic’s DNS system, which powers the domains, is a global network of nameservers. With 60 locations distributed around the world, CentralNic’s DNS handles over 2 billion queries per day and has maintained 100% uptime since 1995.

CentralNic’s Registry division supports over 100 registries across all five categories of domain name extensions:

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Country Code Top Level Domain extensions (ccTLDs) such as .la, .sk and .fm;

Generic Top Level Domain extensions (gTLDs) like .xyz and .online;

Sponsored Top Level Domain extensions for a specific purpose such as .coop, the internet designation for cooperatives;

DotBrand Top Level Domain extensions such as .stc for Saudi Telecom Corporation, which uses CentralNic’s registry back-end platform to power domains not for sale but for the rights holder’s own use;

Second Level Domain extensions (SLDs) such as .uk.com and .us.com.

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