CentralNic is Launched

May 1, 2000, London - Today sees the launch of an independent global domain name registry, CentralNic Limited, offering a whole host of new domain names comprising of a country code plus a dotcom suffix and includes names such as uk.com (United Kingdom), us.com (United States), cn.com (China) and many more.

The company is the successor to NomiNation Limited, the first private Internet Registry launched in 1995 to handle registrations for uk.com. The introduction of gb.com, gb.net and uk.net quickly followed.

Around the world the Internet is experiencing phenomenal growth resulting in a scarcity of suitable domain names. The names offered by CentralNic provide a valuable service to organizations and individuals who want to have a presence in different countries but experience difficulty in registering a domain name because of local qualifying rules.

A spokesperson for CentralNic said: "CentralNic is providing a valuable service to the marketplace. For Internet users who wish to reflect a geographical identity, the CentralNic Registry offers a quick and efficient solution."

"We currently have 16 names in our portfolio which cover most of the world however we are very close to securing two further exciting domain names which will substantially add to our world domination of these geo-centric domain names."