CentralNic launches two new domain names

SAN FRANCISCO, July 5, 2000 - CentralNic Ltd., a leading global domain name registry, successfully launched two new domain names today, eu.com and us.com, targeted primarily at Internet users seeking a US or European online identity. Like other domain names available through CentralNic Ltd. such as uk.com, the latest domain names provide Internet users with broad opportunities to register their own domain names of choice that may already be taken by Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com, .net, .uk and .de.

"The shortage of domain names has concerned Internet authorities and users for some time and CentralNic Ltd. is fulfilling pent-up demand from the worldwide marketplace," said a spokesperson for CentralNic Ltd, headquartered in London. "Organizations without a European identity, or those seeking a more US-focused identity, can secure the coveted .com ending now."

Top Level Domain names such as .com, .net, and .org are used by companies, network companies and non-profit organizations respectively, and each country in the world has its own Country Code TLD, such as .uk for the United Kingdom and .de for Germany. CentralNic Ltd. (www.centralnic.com) is a global domain name registry that expands the portfolio of classical domain names within the domain name structure. CentralNic Ltd. currently owns Internet "real estate of more than 17 domain names available to users worldwide, including ru.com (Russia), cn.com (China), za.com (South Africa) and sa.com (Saudi Arabia).

CentralNic Ltd. offers a viable and secure solution for its customers and resellers, particularly in countries where Internet domain names are difficult to obtain due to restrictive government domain regulations. CentralNic Ltd. is an independent, commercial organization, capable of responding quickly and effectively to the overwhelming demand for additional domain registrations

EU.com Provides Users With A Single European Umbrella Domain Name

The eu.com domain name is available to individual and corporate Internet users worldwide, and is expected to appeal to companies seeking a single European umbrella domain name, rather than having to rely on a number of Country Code Top Level Domain names, such as .uk, .de and .fr. In addition, CentralNic Ltd. is targeting Non-European Union (i.e. Switzerland) and Eastern European companies seeking a more pan-European presence. Companies in countries with excessively restrictive domain regulations, and those seeking European customers, are also likely customers.

US.com For Users Seeking To Emphasize US Presence or US Identity

The us.com domain name is available to individual and corporate Internet users worldwide, and is expected to appeal to non-US companies that do business in the United States and want to emphasize their US presence, as well as US companies that do business internationally, and want to emphasize their US identity. Companies in countries with excessively restrictive domain regulations are also likely customers.

At $99 per name for a 2-year registration, CentralNic Ltd. domain names are competitive in price, and the company provides excellent customer care, including legal expertise for issues such as country specific regulations and individual vs. corporate ownership of domain names. This is an area of increasing concern in today's business environment, where company names change frequently, and where it is difficult to identify the legal owner of a domain, the individual or the corporation.

About CentralNic Ltd

Originally founded in 1995, CentralNic Ltd. was established in May 2000 as an independent global domain name registry for a portfolio of domain names including eu.com (Europe), us.com (United States), uk.com (United Kingdom), cn.com (China) and ru.com (Russia). In addition to domain name registry services, CentralNic Ltd. provides Internet users worldwide with expertise on domain name law, Internet governance and other related legal and regulatory issues.