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May 10, 2001 - With over four million dot de domain names registered in Germany, CentralNic, the leading global domain name registry has provided a solution to ease the shortage of desirable domain names by introducing

The suffix, which is the 18th in UK-based CentralNic's portfolio, will provide millions of new names for the German market, which is one of the biggest and fastest expanding on the Internet.

Already a number of German registrars have shown a keen interest in becoming VAR's for as they can see the valuable potential of this domain name. One of the first companies to offer is Corpex Internet GmbH, a leading business-to-business full service Internet provider based in Hamburg.

Commenting on the provision of, Philipp Gaschutz, Managing Director of Corpex Internet GmbH said "In the overladen .com and .de domain name market, it is often difficult to register an appealing name for a customer which has not yet been taken."

"The introduction of will provide a perfect solution, not only for those whose domain is already taken, but also because reflects both, an international and local nature of a business."

A spokesperson for CentralNic said "When the company launched last June, it registered more than 10,000 domain names in the first month and it is expected that will generate a similar response."

"The UK has benefited from a choice of domain names including or for many years and consumers expect to have this choice. The introduction of to Germany is an entirely new concept and we expect this to open up a whole new segment of the market for the benefit of users and registrars alike."