CentralNic has raised £2,400 for the Farmers in Crisis Fund

June 20 - Three "cherished" domain names - website addresses - fetched £800 each when they went under the hammer in an online auction.

The names - www.business.eu.com, www.tickets.eu.com and www.sex.eu.com - were donated by London-based domain names registry CentralNic.

A CentralNic spokeswoman said: "We're delighted that the auction went so well. We wanted to help the farmers but couldn't think how - until we came up with the idea of putting these valuable domain names up for sale.

"All the proceeds have gone to the Supporting Farmers in Crisis Fund. We realise that in the great scheme of things it is a relatively small amount but we hope it will do some good.

"The .eu.com suffix is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many European businesses."

NFU President Ben Gill said: ''We are very grateful that CentralNic have chosen to support the farmers in this way.

''The suffering among the farming community has been immeasurable. The one shining light that is keeping people going through the crisis is the support and good will that they have received from the public."