Personal Domain Name Launched

Monday December 10, 2001 - To satisfy a mature Internet market in Great Britain, where more and more people want to reflect their individuality in email addresses and on a personalised website, global domain name registry, CentralNic has launched @GB, a service which enables users to have a firstname/surname email and website address.

The package costs £10 + VAT per year and includes a domain, email forwarding, for example: together with a live website,

Included in the price is a simple-to-follow wizard enabling users to build a personalised website which can include your photograph. Customers without the use of a digital camera can send a photograph by post to @GB's offices for uploading on to the individual's site.

The service can be up and running within minutes and can be sourced at

A spokesperson for the @GB service said "This new service will attract the second generation Internet users, those who already have an email address but who are now prepared to experiment a little further and wish for a personalised website together with an email address that reflects their individualism.

"The market is ready to accept this new product which is priced deliberately low - £10 + VAT per year - to attract a wide audience. We expect the address to become a strong brand within the coming year particularly when we introduce the directory enabling users to be easily located," he continued.

Background - @GB is owned by CentralNic Limited, a global domain name Registry. CentralNic is the Registry for a portfolio of 18 country names, the first of which was launched in 1995.

CentralNic's names are now in use the world over, marketed through 800 plus resellers globally.