Strong bid for .org



London, 21 June 2002 - Organic Names Limited, a new British company combining the resources of global domain registry CentralNic and the pedigree of board members of Nominet UK, the registry for .uk Internet domain names, is making a strong bid to run the registry for the Internet domain .org.

The 2.5 million name .org registry, is run by US company, Verisign, which also manages the .com and .net domains. To avoid this monopolistic position, ICANN, (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the body responsible for the technical co-ordination of the Internet, decreed that the present registry agreement for .org should expire on 31 December 2002 and be put up for tender.

Ten hopefuls will be competing against Organic Names but the company believes it has major advantages over its competitors.

One of ICANN's main requirements is that the successful registry can demonstrate its capability to operate a domain name registry of significant scale. Organic Names will be one of the few contenders in this area that has proven technical and commercial competence. Its principals run Nominet UK which handles over 3.5 million registrations and CentralNic's registry of over 1.5 million names.

Unusually .org carries a 'windfall' of US $5,000,000 for the successful bidder.

"We see this as a distraction and the wrong motivation to attract serious bidders" says Alex Bligh, a board member of Organic Names.

"We are interested in running a stable long-term business and we believe that ICANN will make better use of this endowment. Organic Names has secured substantial investment, has unparalleled management expertise within the domain name industry and the technical experience and capability to ensure the smooth and secure transition of the .org registry.

"Our sound business plan encompasses a safe and reliable for-profit registry for the 2.5 million .org names already registered. It is also responsive to and supportive of the non-commercial Internet community who use the .org name".

Steve Dyer, board member of Organic Names, said "No longer will .org be the forgotten global top-level domain. We intend to position .org as the name that says 'The user is an organisation that prides itself on having a social perspective'.

Today, many companies have a focus on concerns surrounding ecology, organic production, and pollution. The .org name will provide a simple way for a company to express this ethos. Organic Names will give the .org name a real purpose in the Internet community".