offers South Africa a deregulated domain name alternative


London, October 07, 2002..

Amidst ongoing uncertainty surrounding control of the domain, South African domain name registries are looking for safe, viable alternatives and many are beginning to offer the domain.

The domain is managed by global domain name registry, CentralNic. Based in the United Kingdom, CentralNic is the Registry for 18 domain names, all offering a country specific identity within the coveted .com ending, among them,, which has been available since 1995 and was launched to offer consumers in the UK a choice.

The domain offers a safe, reliable web identity for businesses and individuals wishing for an Internet presence reflecting the national distinctiveness of South Africa.

Megaweb Internet Services and are two established South African registrars quick to see the opportunity that offers, and domain names ending with can be easily and seamlessly registered on their sites.

As is becoming more popular, high profile organisations are using this name to promote their products and services. The new South African Popstars teen band, '101', for example use as their window to the world.

A spokesperson for CentralNic said "CentralNic's names are well established in the UK and Europe and we are now making a significant penetration into the South African market. Our names are not governed by local rules and there is still the opportunity to register domain names that people want."

"With the support of local registrars, looks set to be a popular and first choice domain name in South Africa in the near future."