What makes a good email address? CentralNic provides the answer

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Research conducted by Internet domain name registry CentralNic has revealed which elements of a personal email address are most important to today's technology user. With many users finding it increasingly difficult to obtain their preferred email address CentralNic decided to carry out a survey to discover exactly what users want to have in their Internet identity.

Where once upon a time the idea of a 'wacky' email address might have seemed like a fun idea, a level of pragmatism and prudence has crept into the mindset of the modern email user. With more and more people using their web-based email accounts for important personal subjects such as job applications, or being self-employed and working from home, a degree of professionalism has become necessary when choosing a new email address.

CentralNic's poll asked users which aspect of their email address they considered to be the most important, and the highest percentage of votes - forty-one per cent of over one thousand individuals polled - stated that an easily memorable email address was their priority.

Next in order of significance was the absence of punctuation symbols and numbers. One respondent commented "I get tired of having to explain to people what the difference between a hyphen and an underscore is". Twenty-three per cent of voters considered the lack of underscores, hyphens and numbers to be the foremost aspect when registering an email address.

Third in terms of importance came a reference in the address to geographical identity in the address suffix with nineteen per cent, and fourth was the inclusion of the user's full name as prefix with seventeen per cent.

Camilla Coxe, Managing Director of CentralNic, urged users to shop around when choosing their personal email addresses. "Although there are few ISPs now able to offer users the ideal email address of their choice, users can still hunt around and find a desirable address. It's worth that bit of extra effort to avoid having an address that is a muddle of punctuation and numbers".