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20 February, 2003, UK CentralNic Registry has come to the rescue of customers of Net Registrar who have been left in the lurch by a decision of the Colombian Government to change their policy regarding the '' domain name.

The Colombians changed their policy of the '.co' domain name and decided that domains under the extension '' will not be available leaving thousands of '' users without a website or email.

CentralNic, the domain name registry for a series of '.com' global domains including and, has observed an increase in registrations following the ''s demise.

One customer, Charles Parsons, creator of Polka Dot Art Gallery in Exeter housed his online gallery of contemporary art at only to see it disappear earlier this week.

"Losing my website and email was bad enough, but I had just organised the printing of all my stationery which of course included the website address" said Charles Parsons.

"Fortunately my web designer has organised an alternative stable domain quickly - and I am now back online with However I will still have to re-print all my stationery even though it's just a case of adding an extra 'm'." He continued.

Camilla Coxe, managing director of CentralNic said "Any domain ending in '.com' is a secure and stable domain. These include CentralNic's domains such as '' and '' which are offered by some 1,000 agents across the globe."

"The loss of questions the stability of other top level domains used for commercial purposes such as '.tv'(Island of Tuvalu); '.ws.' (Western Samoa) and '.nu' (Island of Niue) which would affect approximately 1 million domain name holders.

"In the case of many of our resellers such as and Simply.Com Limited are recommending an easy transition to a CentralNic domain. CentralNic has been registering domains under the '' extension for over seven years. They offer stability as they use the coveted '.com' ending." She added.