Country-Specific Domain Names Now Available Through eNom


If you've been wanting to register "" and it hasn't been available, you might just be able to get "" in its place. These unrestricted domain names are now widely available on a first come first serve basis.

eNom, one of the largest ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrars, has introduced a series of two-letter, geo-specific, domain names. These domain names, made possible by CentralNic , a private London Based domain name registry, include US.COM, EU.COM, UK.COM, CN.COM, RU.COM, DE.COM & twelve others that represent the worlds most populated countries.

Matt Stearn, VP, eNom Inc. & Joe Alagna, GM, North America, CentralNic, Ltd

"Our names open up the entire domain space again and work within the existing Internet infrastructure." said Joe Alagna, CentralNic's North American Manager. "There are tens of thousands of people in all of these countries who would love to be able to get a more descriptive domain name that ends in dot com, but can't because all the good dot com domains are taken. We not only give them a dot com domain, but we also give them a domain that relates to their specific country or region. People like that."

Matt Stearn, Vice President at eNom stated, "The domains are doing much better than projected. Considering the ease of implementation, high margins, CentralNic's rock-solid reputation, and long track record of success; adding their domains to our mix was a good business decision."

About CentralNic ( - Originally founded in 1995 as NomiNation, CentralNic is an independent global domain name registry committed to making it easier for Internet users to establish new and distinctive domain names with regional and country-specific identities. CentralNic has a portfolio of 18 domain names, including (Europe), (United Kingdom), &, (United States).

Contact In London:
Phone: +44 (0) 870 017 0900.

Contact In the US:
Phone: +1 (909) 606 9175

About eNom ( - eNom, Inc. is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar. eNom provides domain name registration services directly to retail buyers and discounts these services to high volume resellers, ISPs and web-hosting companies. An innovator among registrars, eNom was the first to include DNS services, email forwarding and URL redirection with a domain name purchase. eNom also offers hosting, email, website monitoring, multi-lingual domains, international domains, and secure server IDs.

Contact In the US:
Phone: +1 (425) 274 4500