CentralNic Launches new Account Manager Service

April 20th, London: CentralNic is pleased to announce the availability of its new Account Manager service, available at https://www.centralnic.com/manage. This service is designed to allow non-resellers to manage their own contact details and domain names, without recourse to the traditional modification template system. This means that changes to contact details and domain names can take place instantly without waiting for manual authorisation and confirmation.

If you are listed as the Client, Technical or Billing Contact for one or more domain names, you can log in to the Account Manager service and:

  1. update your contact details
  2. change your privacy (WHOIS records) settings
  3. change your billing preferences (email or postal invoices)
  4. change the DNS servers for domain names for which you are the Technical Contact

The Account Manager system requires that you know the user ID and password for your handle, but if you don't know either, you can arrange to have a new password e-mailed to the current e-mail address by clicking here.

The old template-based modification and support ticketing systems will continue to operate in parallel with the new account manager system.