CentralNic Domain Name Sells For US$1,700.00

London & New York - Interest in US.COM and EU.COM domain names is rising. Matt Bentley, CEO of SEDO recently reported "We've just sold a CentralNic domain, MEDICINE.US.COM, for 1,300 EUR (about $1,700 USD). This is one of the highest value sub-domain sales that we've seen. For example, JOBS.EU.COM sold for only $350 in comparison. This could be a sign of good things to come for CentralNic domains in the secondary market."

CentralNic, Ltd. runs the domain name registry for a group of short, country-specific, second-level domains like UK.COM, CN.COM, WEB.COM, etc. UK.COM is the most popular followed by EU.COM, US.COM, and WEB.COM. These domains are available through a network of resellers and several ICANN accredited registrars like eNom and Dotster.

Joe Alagna, CentralNic's North American Marketing Manager, stated "We've always taken a conservative position on the after market value of our domains, trying not to create any false hype. But deep inside, I've always felt that they would eventually spur after-market sales."

After-market sales are the fuel that gets many people excited about buying domains. News of the earliest after-market domain sales in the late 1990s is what put the domain name business on the map. Sedo.com provides the largest online secondary market for Internet domain names. Other Centralnic domains that have been sold at Sedo.com within the last year include:

WWW.CENTRALNIC.COM - Founded in 2000, CentralNic is an independent global domain name registry committed to making it easier for Internet users to establish new and distinctive domain names with regional and country-specific identities. CentralNic has a portfolio of 20 domain names, including EU.COM (Europe), UK.COM (United Kingdom), & US.COM, (United States).

Contact-London: Daniel.Schindler@CentralNic .com Phone: +44 (0) 870 017 0900.
Contact-US: Joe.Alagna@CentralNic .com Phone: +1 (909) 606 9175

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