CentralNic Announces Two New Domain Suffixes

LONDON, UK - APRIL 4, 2006 - CentralNic is pleased to announce the addition of two new second-level domain names to its portfolio: .KR.COM (for Korea) and .AE.ORG (for the United Arab Emirates).

"The launch of these two domain names continues CentralNic's vision of creating a viable expansion of the DNS space at the second level," said Gavin Brown, CentralNic's Chief Technology Officer. "We're looking forward to continuing to expand our business into the Middle East and Far East with these two offerings. Alongside .CN.COM and .JPN.COM, we have a pretty good presence in an important market."

Internet users can register .KR.COM and .AE.ORG domain names via one of CentralNic's 1,250 accredited registrars (including 26 ICANN-accredited registrars), or via CentralNic's website.

CentralNic also reported a healthy increase in the registration of .EU.COM domain names in parallel with the recent launch of the .EU TLD. "Many of our registrars have taken the opportunity to market .EU.COM alongside .EU, and have done very well," said Jenny White, CentralNic's Registrar Accounts Manager. "We saw a big spike in .EU.COM registrations after the start of the .EU sunrise."

About CentralNic

Founded in 1995, CentralNic is a global domain name registry helping Internet users establish new and distinctive domain names with regional and country-specific identities. CentralNic's portfolio of 20 domain names includes EU.COM (Europe), UK.COM (United Kingdom), and US.COM, (United States). Their site may be reached at www.centralnic.com.

Contact (London): Gavin Brown, gavin@centralnic.com, phone: +44 (0) 870 017 0900.

Contact (US): Joe Alagna, joe@centralnic.com, phone: +1 (909) 606 9175.