CentralNic joins Race Online 2012 in bid to get everyone online by the London Olympics

CentralNic today announced plans to join Race Online 2012, a landmark national campaign aiming to get the UK 100% Internet enabled by the London Olympics.

More than 10 million adults across the UK have never used the internet, and worryingly 4 million of this group are also socially excluded. All of them are missing out on the opportunities and cost efficiencies that the web has to offer.

Of the 4 million adults offline who are socially and digitally excluded:

Led by Champion for Digital Inclusion, Martha Lane Fox, the Race Online 2012 challenge aims to deliver 10,000 private, public and charitable sector partners by the end of 2010. All Race Online 2012 partners are required to lay down a Partner Promise that will inspire, educate and train the 4 million people in the UK who are currently offline.

Joining some of the UK’s most influential household names including Talk Talk, Comet, Skype and McDonald’s, Microsoft, Money Supermarket, Google, Sky, BT and CentralNic, the company CentralNic will deliver computer equipment to its local community, “Pass IT on” to their net of 2,000 registrars who are in turn connected to more than a 100,000 resellers.

“Through its digital net, CentralNic is committed to helping the London community get more from establishing a name when starting a new on-line business, to trade anywhere in the world. We are proud of the role we’ve played in bringing the benefits of starting an on-line business into the UK community and, in light of the recent economic crisis, we plan to do so even more. However, we recognise that there is still a part of society that remains unaware of the potential benefits the Internet can bring to the economies of a household.”

“To help address this, we will use our relationship with our 100,000+ domain resellers to pass on the message. CentralNic is also committed to help its local community by donating computer equipment. We hope that our engagement and communications will reach those who need it most and help enable more UK homes to embrace the internet.” - Mar Perez Head of Business Development

Martha Lane Fox said ‘It is undeniable that a 100% Internet enabled UK could create profound social and economic change. However, I believe that it is only working together that we can realise the full potential of a digitally inclusive society.

Creative partnerships with private companies together with promoting and encouraging peer-to-peer and intergenerational support amongst employees and their families, friends and local communities is vital to bringing people online’.

‘It is fantastic that CENTRALNIC has joined Race Online 2012 – every organisation we work with brings to the table a fresh resolution to help the 4 million digitally and socially excluded to benefit from what the web has to offer. The moment to empower citizens through technology is now’ concludes Lane Fox.

For media enquires, images, interviews please contact:
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Head of Business Development
CentralNic Ltd
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Further Information

For full details of Race Online 2012 first wave Partner Promises visit www.raceonline2012.org

To find out more about becoming a Race Online 2012 Partner visit www.raceonline2012.org

For people who are already online and know someone who is not visit www.helppassiton.co.uk

To find out more about getting online call 0800 77 1234 to find your nearest UK online centre where friendly staff are waiting to help them get started.