1st City-based Domain Name Extension Debuts on GoDaddy: .LA

Source: Monday, July 8th, 2013


GoDaddy Fuels Internet Expansion with Los Angeles Specific Web Names

8 July 2013 Los Angeles' businesses and residents are the first in the country to have access to a domain name extension designating their city, .LA. This means businesses and individuals can take advantage of location-specific Web addresses and a whole new inventory of domain names ending with .LA to represent Los Angeles.

Dot LA Marketing LLC, and GoDaddy, the Web's largest platform for small businesses, are offering the names to the public, starting today at www.GoDaddy.com.

Instead of being limited by a .COM, .NET or .ORG domain name, people who want to be identified as being in Los Angeles have a whole new realm of naming possibilities. "Expanding to the 'right of the dot' opens up a huge range of naming options for people in Los Angeles looking to get their ideal Internet name and brand themselves from a location perspective," said GoDaddy Domains Vice President Rich Merdinger. "So, for example, if you're in L.A. and you can't get JimsPizza-dot-COM, JimsPizza-dot-LA is an even better option because it tells people what you do and where you are ... and there's a good chance the new name is available."

As an example, 98 percent of domain names that aren't available ending in .COM are now available with .LA. In addition to business names, thousands of valuable keyword and short domain names are available right now.

"We are thrilled to have GoDaddy as a partner, giving customers in Los Angeles unparalleled access to dot-LA domains," said Ben Crawford, Director of Dot LA Marketing. "GoDaddy has earned the reputation as the most user-friendly place on the Web to obtain domains. With GoDaddy's round-the-clock support and industry expertise, we know our customers will be with the best service in the business."

In addition to making .LA domains available on a first-come, first-served basis, GoDaddy is conducting a special entertainment industry auction where domains including "MovieStars.LA," "Scripts.LA," "Studios.LA", and "Producer.LA" are expected to be hotly contested. Full details are available at Auctions.GoDaddy.com.


.LA is the first Top-Level Domain to be used to designate websites relating to a city (with domain endings like .NYC, .MIAMI and .PARIS to be launched in 2014). The .LA launch is supported by billboards and online advertising in Los Angeles. .LA domains are distributed globally by CentralNic Group under license from Dot LA Marketing LLC.


GoDaddy - Nick Fuller, 480-505-8800 Ext. 4435, Nick@GoDaddy.com

Dot LA Marketing Company - Michele DiNardo, 310-447-2412, Michele@monaloring.com