The Company has a four pronged expansion strategy;

CentralNic was contracted by clients applying for 60 new gTLDs and those that have completed the ICANN initial evaluation process have all passed. ICANN has published the full list of applications that have been made for new gTLDs, which shows that 25 of the applications made by CentralNic’s clients are currently uncontested. These include:

.wiki the TLD for one of the world’s best known website types
.xyz a truly generic TLD suitable for any website
.rest the global TLD for restaurants;
.feedback the TLD for feedback forms and applications;
.PID short for ‘Personal ID’, this TLD is for individual websites;
.contact the TLD for contact forms and applications;
.ink the TLD for tattoos;
.reit for real estate investment trusts;
.bar the TLD for bars;
.college fills a gap in the market as .edu is restricted to one domain per college and solely in the USA

CentralNic has also identified opportunities to add to its domain portfolio by winning government contracts to operate country codes for developing nations, particularly in Africa. These ccTLDs can be distributed globally via CentralNic’s retail network, as well as serving the populations of the domestic emerging markets where internet penetration is just starting to explode.