.PW - The Professional Web .LA - The world's first city TLD

.PW is the namespace for individuals and businesses who want a Professional presence on the Web - a place for businesses to showcase their products and accomplishments and for individuals to display their professional accolades.

Now in General Availability, .PW is also the most registrar-friendly TLD. As well as offering a suite of benefits designed to meet the specific needs of today's leading registrars, .PW enables you to offer your customers an open, unrestricted and affordable extension that empowers them to create a successful and memorable online presence.

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.PW Launch Schedule

It's the world's first city TLD and it's available now for instant registration via registrars worldwide. As well as being the domain that says "local to LA", .LA works as a lifestyle domain for LA related businesses worldwide – think tanning salons, personal trainers, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, talent agencies and the like.

Take advantage of the buzz (and delay) around new TLDs to offer .LA domain names to your customers today! All the standard CentralNic technical, marketing and sales support will be available to you.

Additionally, .LA is the domain chosen by Latin American registrants - from bloggers to corporate websites like and

With over 264.2 million internet users in Latin America and the fastest growing internet user rate in the world over last year, .LA for Latin America presents an extremely lucrative opportunity for your Latin American registrar business.

In short .LA is:

  • Unrestricted: Ideal for local and international websites
  • Short, identifiable and memorable – making it easy to sell
  • Full of highly desirable names, with over 98% of ASCII names still available (including spanish characters).
  • Perfect for creating mini URLs for promotional activities
  • Backed by CentralNic's extensive marketing support

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