.college - coming soon

As the first extension of it's kind, .college is an easily adaptable, unrestricted domain extension that opens the door to new opportunites and innovation.

The term "college" traditionally defined as a post-secondary accredited educational institution, in fact, has broad-ranging denotations, extending to such loose constructions as an assembly of persons having a common purpose. With this in mind, .college opens domain availability to any congregation of individuals seeking appropriate recognition, serving as a completely unrestricted domain extension open to the scores of domain registrants seeking to more accurately and descriptively identify themselves.

In addition to limiting registration exclusively to accredited post-secondary educational institutions, .edu domain registration is restricted to one domain name per institution. Therefore, many bona fide accredited secondary institutions have reported difficulties in obtaining domain names. Other accredited post-secondary institutions have conceded to having initially chosen inaccurate domain names, and can no longer rectify the error. These and other such educational institutions that have been previously prohibited from appropriate .edu domains can now lay claim to appropriately identifying domain names with the .college extension.

.college has an open admissions policy and can offer so much more:

  • Completely unrestricted, .college provides recourse to organizations previously denied access to educational or communal identification within the online space

  • Unlike the .edu registry, there are no limitations on the number of domain names per institution, organization or indivdual

  • Tailored support for registrars from a dedicated marketing team
.COLLEGE can be used by a diverse range of organisations and individuals...

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