New! .WIKI

.wiki - Launching March 3, 2014

CentralNic is excited to bring you .wiki – the open, generic domain designed for sharing ideas, resources, and knowledge.

.Wiki is for everyone, from dedicated hobbyists to the world's largest brands, as it will help bring greater visibility to online collaboration. It promises to revolutionize how corporations work, groups communicate, and resources develop.

.wiki really is the domain for everyone:

.wiki - For Communities, Developers, Companies and Individuals
.WIKI by Raymond King, CEO, Top Level Design LLC
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by Raymond King

At a glance

  • .wiki is completely open and unrestricted so it's useful for developers, companies, communities, individuals, and well, almost every one of your customers

  • The principles and potential of wikis are well understood thanks to Wikipedia being one of the most visited sites in the world

  • An integrated global PR and marketing strategy will give .wiki the exposure it needs to make your business a success

  • .wiki is backed by Raymond King, Director of the ICANN wiki, meaning that our efforts are fuelled by a passion for wiki technology

  • Wiki software bundling solution offered

  • 60 day Sunrise, 14 day Landrush

  • CentralNic Accredited Registrars are automatically enabled to sign the RRA

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