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Enter a domain name (e.g. 'centralnic' or 'centralnic.uk.com') in the following box to see if it available for registration. The following screen will provide purchase options if the name is available.

2 character UK.COM domains available

Our Domains

Approx. values in EUR & USD: £32.50 = €39 = $50.50£25.00 = €29 = $39
  Suffix Country Retail Price *
yourname.co.com Global £48.00
yourname.mex.com Mexico £32.50
yourname.africa.com Africa £28.99
yourname.in.net India £32.50
yourname.pw The Professional Web £32.50
yourname.jp.net Japan £32.50
yourname.com.de Germany £32.50
yourname.us.org United States £32.50
yourname.eu.com European Union £32.50
yourname.uk.com United Kingdom £32.50
yourname.uk.net United Kingdom £32.50
yourname.us.com United States £32.50
yourname.la Los Angeles £25.00
yourname.cn.com China £32.50
yourname.de.com Germany £32.50
yourname.jpn.com Japan £32.50
yourname.kr.com Korea £32.50
yourname.no.com Norway £32.50
yourname.za.com South Africa £32.50
yourname.br.com Brazil £32.50
yourname.ar.com Argentina £32.50
yourname.ru.com Russia £32.50
yourname.sa.com Saudi Arabia £32.50
yourname.com.se Sweden £32.50
yourname.se.com Sweden £32.50
yourname.se.net Sweden £32.50
yourname.hu.com Hungary £32.50
yourname.hu.net Hungary £32.50
yourname.gb.com Great Britain £32.50
yourname.gb.net Great Britain £32.50
yourname.qc.com Quebec £32.50
yourname.uy.com Uruguay £32.50
yourname.ae.org United Arab Emirates £32.50
yourname.gr.com Group, Greece, Grand Rapids / USA £32.50

*per year.

About Our Domains

CentralNic's domains provide an alternative to the existing Top Level Domains (TLDs) and Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs), allowing the creation of a simultaneously local and global Internet Identity.

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Registration Information

Registering a domain name with CentralNic couldn't be easier! Just search our database for available domains, add them to your cart, supply contact information and pay with your credit card. Registration is quick, secure and easy.

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We support all major credit cards and use an industry standard SSL server to encrypt and protect your personal information.

Once you've registered your domain name, you'll be able to use our Account Manager system to manage your domain names and account details.