Second-Level Domains (SLDs)

'CentralNic domains represent just about the only remaining opportunity to get your target phrase into the domain which can really help shorten the SEO process' - Dennis Engel, CEO of the Web Marketing Group

Powerful and Popular Domain Names

The domains available from CentralNic are on the cutting edge of the evolution of the internet, representing powerful alternatives to the traditional domain extensions:

Great names
Our domains offer desirable keywords, place names and short domains for standard registration – names that would cost hundreds of thousands under other TLDs in the aftermarket.

Excellent visibility
The powerful combination of a national identifier such as .uk, .us or .eu and the globally preferred .com ensures that websites published on CentralNic domains are easily located by local and global customers and search engines.

Hassle-free registrations *
Our restriction-free policy makes domain name registration fast and simple, and it enables our domains to function as a valuable gateway for international companies interested in penetrating new markets.

CentralNic domains are powerful marketing tools that have been adopted by leading companies worldwide as a means of building their online presence, protecting their brands and reaching their greatest potential.


CentralNic's global domain portfolio includes many of the most popular new TLDs like .xyz, .site, .space, .website and .online, as well as ccTLDs like .la and .pw and SLD extensions including and

Conceived as a means of introducing more variety to the domain name marketplace, our domains have been enabling global businesses such as Avon, Colgate, Palmolive, Radiohead, Sketch and Activia to achieve unparalleled online visibility and success for over eighteen years.

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β€œHaving a UK.COM web address means that we stand out from the crowd, and as we're all about originality, it is the perfect format for our online presence.”

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* While registration of our domains is unrestricted, CentralNic is acutely concerned with maintaining fair and legitimate online practices and as such will cancel or suspend domain names found to be used in illicit activities. Click here to learn more about our phishing and abuse policies.