Registry Models

Accreditation Models

Retail Only (no registrars)

We can build custom retail sites with a full range of features, including Managed DNS, web hosting, email, premium domains, domain aftermarket integration, and SSL certificates.

Open Registration

Instantly expose your domain to thousands of our registrars.

Accreditation Only

If you want to accredit your registrars yourself, we can provide a system to manage the accreditation of registrars.

Online Accreditation

Our registrars can agree to your accreditation agreement online.

Reporting and Management

We provide the Registry Console for all our TLD managers.

This console provides a great deal of real-time reporting and statistics on your TLD, including TLD-wide and per-registrar volume and revenue reports, with fine-grained access to specific data across multiple users.

Financial models

Supported currencies:

  • $ - US dollars
  • £ - Sterling
  • - Euros

Billing models:

  • Credit model - registrars are granted a line of credit and may then remit payment after registering or renewing domains names
  • Debit model - registrars must maintain a balance on account with us, from which we deduct a fee for each registration or renewal

Pricing models

Our system supports either a flat charge for registrations and renewals, or we can operate a volume-based tiered pricing system, with larger discounts for larger volumes.

Revenue models

  • Monetization of wildcard traffic
  • Monetization of parked (undelegated) domains
  • Email and identity services

CentralNic has excellent relationships with the leading providers of pay-per-click advertising streams, including Google, Yahoo!, Miva and others.