DomiNIC Domain & DNS Management Solutions

Are you a registrar or a hosting company? Want to improve efficiency and save up to 40% when running your business?

Since 1994 we have been helping big registrars and resellers to achieve results. DomiNIC is the world's most advanced integrated registrar software with a 20 year track record of making the management of domains and zones easy and more efficient.

Efficiency & cost savings

  • Fully automated workflows for domain and zone management.
  • DomiNIC integrates seamlessly with your CRM and billing systems.

Risk reduction & security

  • Fine-grained authorization concept lets you create your own policies of access and authorization.
  • Approval workflows protect you against unauthorized changes.

Flexibility & independence

  • Easy integration with new registries.
  • DomiNIC offers a customizable white-label retail site.
The most advanced integrated domain software. Get in touch with us today to discover how to get the highest benefit for your company.