CentralNic EPP Service

EPP is the Extensible Provisioning Protocol. EPP (defined in RFC 5730 and others) is an application layer client-server protocol for the provisioning and management of objects stored in a shared central repository. Specified in XML, the protocol defines generic object management operations and an extensible framework that maps protocol operations to objects.

EPP has become established as the common protocol by which domain registrars can manage domain names, nameservers and contact details held by domain registries. It is widely deployed in the gTLD and ccTLD registry space.

CentralNic's EPP service is available to all registrars. We have also developed a number of related tools that have been released under open source licenses (see CentralNic Labs).

Details of CentralNic's EPP service

CentralNic introduced an EPP service during Q2 of 2005. Our EPP service is based on the Apache EPP Server project developed by nic.at, the registry operator for the Austrian ccTLD. All the server-side business logic is written in PHP and talks directly to our core database. It complies with version 1.0 of the EPP specification, as defined in RFC 5730 (and others). We also support a large number of extensions:

We have also developed a our own EPP extensions.

CentralNic's EPP server is available at epp.centralnic.com, on the standard port number of 700. All connections are protected by SSL (use of client certificates is currently optional). Connections to the EPP server are also protected by a firewall that restricts access to IP addresses specified by the registrar.


We operate a OT&E and testing server on epp-ote.centralnic.com to allow registrars to test their client implementations against our system. This server is identical to the live server but runs against a non-live mirror of our main database, and carries out all transactions on that. This means that you can test your client applications without affecting real live domains and contacts.

Registrars can create test accounts to use with the OT&E system via the Registrar Console.

Objects and Policies

Our object model and policy closely follow those of other ccTLD and gTLD registries. We use the standard object models for domain names, host objects and contact objects defined by the EPP RFCs.

Our policies regarding registration, modification, renewal and deletion of domain names are described in the Operations Manual via the Registrar Console.

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