CentralNic EPP Service

EPP is the Extensible Provisioning Protocol. EPP (defined in RFC 5730 and others) is an application layer client-server protocol for the provisioning and management of objects stored in a shared central repository. Specified in XML, the protocol defines generic object management operations and an extensible framework that maps protocol operations to objects.

EPP has become established as the common protocol by which domain registrars can manage domain names, nameservers and contact details held by domain registries. It is widely deployed in the gTLD and ccTLD registry space.

CentralNic's EPP service is available to all registrars. We have also developed a number of related tools that have been released under open source licenses (see CentralNic Labs).

Details of CentralNic's EPP system

For more details of CentralNic's EPP system, please consult the Operations Manual which is available from the Registrar Console.