CentralNic specialist ccTLD services. We increase your profits. You maintain control.

CentralNic possesses vast and varied experience as a ccTLD registry and has successfully and innovatively operated the .LA ccTLD (Laos) for over four years.

In addition to managing the namespace for the Laos Government, CentralNic has extensively marketed .LA outside of Laos as the city TLD for Los Angeles, doubling the number of domains under management after winning the contract from an American competitor.

Our in-house marketing team and distribution through 1,500 registrars combined with our state-of-the-art technical solution enables us to multiply profits and create a meaningful namespace for ccTLDs. Quote by Raedene McGray: Under CentralNic's management, the .LA namespace has exceeded reliability, security, and stability requirements.  CentralNic's excellent and innovative custodianship has enabled .LA to outstrip profitability expectations and reach the potential we always knew it could achieve.

CentralNic draws on our 18 years of domain experience and successes to ensure the favourable market positioning of your ccTLD in the new competitive era of ICANN's new TLDs.

Our ccTLD services include:

Our approach is personal, flexible and collaborative, resulting in the development of a bespoke strategy that addresses the specific requirements of your ccTLD and continues to nurture and grow your namespace at an optimal rate.

Our model ensures:

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