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We distinguish ourselves from our competition by embracing openness and transparency in our relationships with our Registry Partners. Our "standard" service package alone provides a level of access that goes above and beyond anything offered by any other backend provider.

All Registry Partners have access to the following unique proprietary CentralNic services:

Registry Console

The Registry Console is a secure web-based portal providing real-time access to registry data, including:

  • Domains Under Management
  • Enhanced Domain Search
  • Domain Reservation, Blocking and Release
  • Launch Phase Applications and Management
  • Registrar Statistic and Reports
  • Abusive Domain Management
  • URS Case Management
  • Eligibility Management Systems (Pending Create Queue, Registrant Verification Management, Pre-Generated AuthInfo Code)
  • Pricing Promotion Management
  • Transaction Statistics and Reporting

Access to each element of the system can be locked down to just those users who need access.

Registry Data Escrow

We provide access to registration data in the form of the XML-based Registry Data Escrow (RDE) deposits (that we submit to ICANN-approved Data Escrow Agents for gTLD registries). The data is also provided in CSV format for easy import into a relational database or spreadsheet. Access is provided via a secure FTP interface.

Registry API

The Registry API is a powerful RESTful Application Programming Interface (API), which gives Registry Partners deep access to the internal functions of the registry system. The API includes programmable access to all of the features available on the Registry Console, and many more besides.

Please note: the Registry API is intended to faciliate automated integration with third-party or custom in-house applications. It does not provide a user interface.

The API is fully documented; please get in touch if you'd like a copy of the documentation.

SRS Firehose

We can deliver a real-time "firehose" of registry event data for your TLD(s). You will be notified of all EPP commands (including <check> and <info> commands), WHOIS queries, and all other activity relating to your TLD(s). The firehose is presented as a data stream of event data encoded as JSON objects, transmitted using a secure syslog channel to one or more servers under your control. Once received, the data can be stored and processed as you see fit.

DNS Packet Captures

We perform monthly DNS packet captures across our entire Anycast DNS network. Once captured, the data is aggregated, filtered and converted into a CSV format, which includes the query name, client IP address, country of origin, response code, and (if registered) the sponsoring registrar of the domain.

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