About Domain authInfo Codes

Like most other registries, CentralNic uses domain authInfo codes (also called EPP codes or keys, transfer codes, or transfer codes) to improve the security of domain transfers, and reduce the risk of hijacking.

The authInfo code is a shared secret that ensures that a transfer request has been authorised by the current registrant. CentralNic only discloses the transfer code to the sponsoring registrar of a domain; and the registrar can only disclose the transfer code to the registrant. Submission by the "gaining" registrar of the correct authInfo code proves (to a reasonable level of assurance) that the request to transfer the domain has been authorised by the registrant.

All domain names are assigned an authInfo code, and all registrars have access to this code, via one of our automated interfaces or our web based Registrar Console. All registrars are required to supply the authInfo code for a domain name upon request of the registrant.

If you have further questions about the authInfo code, and the way domain transfers work in our system please get in touch.